Euro Lotto EuroJackpot: German winner of the € 32.6 million jackpot collects money

„I just do not believe it“ – about two weeks after winning a lottery jackpot in Euro Lotto Eurojackpot of € 32.6 million of happy player from Germany has been reported. Lucky comes from the Heilbronn area.

On a Friday, the 13th won €32.6 million – and yet know nothing of more than two weeks. Only at the weekend, the Euro Jackpot record winner from the Heilbronn area hear about their fortune. „My husband checked the game receipts always only at month-end. When he compared the Eurojackpot numbers in recent weeks on Sunday after lunch, he suddenly became pale, „the wife described her impressions during joint visit at lottery company Lotto Baden-Wuerttemberg. „He took a deep breath and then just said. I just do not glaub’s’“ What followed were endless hours to the certainty that they had actually cracked the filled with more than 32 million Euro Euro Jackpot.

„As much as I have never longed for a Monday. The call at Toto-Lotto brought security. Before that there was only one question: Is perhaps all a mistake, „said the still visibly drawn lucky winner. „We had of course heard of the profit in the region. But that of all we are the ones, the winner was beyond our imagination, „so on.

Biggest Lottery single win in Baden-Wuerttemberg

The couple from the Heilbronn area had issued in early November a Euro jackpot Random Tip for several weeks. When the draw on 13 November agreed both the five winning numbers and the two additional figures of the European lottery with the predictions. So jumped out exactly 32,657,956.90 euros – the largest in Baden-Württemberg single win ever.

As others leave New Millionaire participate in the happiness

When asked about future plans, the lucky ones made during an interview with the winner of caregivers Lotto still no precise information. „Until we can think clearly again, it certainly needs a few more weeks. This sum is so unimaginably vast and difficult to grasp. We definitely want to give something back and let others share in our happiness. It was immediately clear to us, „said the lucky Eurojackpot winner.

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